Advertising Online To Help Offline Sales

Here’s one we get a lot: “I don’t want to advertise online because it might hurt my dealers’ sales.” The thing is, digital advertising can support both you and your dealers in lots of cool ways. Here are some of them:


  1. Increase brand awareness.

The more people see your logo and brand, the more likely they’ll be to buy your gear. Seeing your name on their favorite and most-trusted sites is always a good thing.


  1. Boost sales.

The more sales, the better. Your dealer has a dedicated clientele that will continue to buy goods in person. Advertising online allows you to reach all your potential customers who can’t make it into a store.


  1. Block a DMA.

Have lots of dealers in a specific DMA region? That’s awesome, and we applaud you. Protect those sales by logging into our console to block regions you’ve already saturated. Your ad will never show up on impressions in those areas.


  1. Enter new markets.

On the flip side, looking to extend your reach to new markets? Target DMAs where you don’t yet have dealers or a customer base. Just log on and select the areas you’d like to see your ads.


  1. Send Customers to Dealers.

Still not comfortable advertising online? Make your click URL a link to locate dealers. Get brand awareness and send customers straight to your dealers. Win-win.


  1. Data will help you help them.

Let’s be real: more data can never hurt. One of the many perks of digital advertising is the plentiful stream of accurate, highly-trackable data that we make available to you on the Cliques Console. It’s a tool of the 21st century that the outdoor industry needs to tap into.


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