Meet the Clique

As consumers spend more time on the internet, they are hit by an onslaught of the same irrelevant ads—for sodas, for cars, for the things they have already seen a million times. Meanwhile, minds wander to midday and weekend escapes to the mountains, cycling on beautiful roads…

But the brands that support these adventures have few ways to reach adventurers through the internet. As Andrew searched for the right platforms to share great, reliable products through Press Forward, Ben noticed the lack off efficiency and transparency in the current online advertising market. Online advertising has been taken over by huge companies with limitless advertising funds. Real-time bidding has become standard but remains largely wasteful: ads garner little attention, forcing advertisers to spend more, while publisher’s ad space has a low value and is filled with irrelevant products.

Cliques is changing that by existing solely for outdoor products and publishers. The entire system is built from scratch and combines all four elements of online advertising—ad-server, buying platform, exchange, and selling platform—into one simple product. Matching niche ads with website culture makes everyone happy. Consumers click on ads for products they are actually interested in, advertisers see financial success from advertising, and publishers will be paid what the ad space on their page is actually worth. Everyone wins when the dark-hole of online advertising is simplified and transparent.

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