Cliques For Publishers

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Outdoor glyphs rectangle100% Relevant Ads.

Ad content that supports the culture of your website.


Higher CPMs. Period.

No more pennies-on-the-dollar nonsense. We are able to pay more because we don’t resell, reframe or otherwise get between outdoor advertisers and outdoor publishers.

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Full Transparency.

We live in the outdoor world, love sites like yours and have used that understanding to build a better way. Expect full, detailed reporting, with no names redacted.


The Difference

That success came from our unique viewpoint:

Google AdSense™, Rubicon, etc. Cliques
Open exchange, i.e. anyone can bid on your ad space Private exchange with only relevant advertisers
Low CPM’s (can be as low as $0.01) High CPMs
Predominantly retargeting ads (see: “creepy”) No creepy retargeting ads. Just beautiful ads for relevant products.
Ads frequently break due to the number of calls being made on page-load No middlemen = fast and reliable ad-serving
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