Cliques for Advertisers

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High-Quality Outdoor Content Only.

Your ads appear in places with readers ready for your message. A better content connection means more for your advertising dollar.


The Flexibility and Accuracy of RTB.

No minimums, tons of advanced targeting features, and analytics to know exactly how your campaign is working to drive sales of your brand.

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Full Transparency.

Know exactly what you’re getting for your money. We’re a fully transparent platform, and will never withhold precious data from you.


Cliques Console


Express Setup

Setting up ad buys shouldn’t be hard. Our campaign setup wizard takes all of the hassle out of setting up a campaign. Be up and running on your favorite sites in less than 5 minutes.

Real-Time Feedback & Analytics

Check on your campaign by simply logging in. Get comprehensive, real-time view of your Cliques campaigns, data, and performance.


The Difference.


Google AdSense™, Rubicon, etc. Cliques
Open exchange means your ads wind up literally anywhere Private exchange with only relevant publishers
Abysmal ROI for prospecting Highly curated content for the highest brand impact
Very high incidence of fraud Same real-time optimization capabilities as the big guys
Very little transparency (hard to find out where your ads have actually run) Full site-level transparency


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