Five Reasons Why You Should Be Advertising Online (If You Aren’t Already)

Cliques is an online digital ad exchange built for the outdoor industry. We built Cliques to be useful to the seasoned veteran in the digital ad space, but also for the small brand trying to break through the noise of digital advertising, but doesn’t know where to start. Hence, here’s why Cliques makes a difference to the digital rookie:

  1. Web > Print

Whether we like it or not, print will soon be a thing of the past. It’s all online.

  1. Pointed & Precise

You know your audience better than anyone else. You know which markets you want to reinforce your presence in, and you know which ones you don’t need to worry about. Set the parameters you want with a click of the mouse when you make your Cliques account. Spend your ad dollars wisely by targeting your prime audience.

  1. Data Drives Sales

You put a lot of work into your ads, now let them do some work for you. See if your ads are being clicked on, and how often that click is turned into a conversion. Get the data that will reinforce your strategy or help guide you towards new marketing innovation.

  1. Efficiency

Get access to adspace in top publications that we’ve selected for their quality, insight, and devoted following within your culture. Ads run where they’ll have the biggest impact. No more dollars wasted on ads that will never be seen. Pay only for what you want, and set the rate you want to pay.

  1. Engage

Ads that are relevant in culture are sticker and more likely to connect with a targeted customer.

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