Climbing Out of the Black Hole

“They should never have started with these black box ad exchanges in the first place, but now, years down the road, they find themselves dependent on the revenue from them, with no obvious replacement in sight.”

            -John Gruber, Daring Fireball

Recently we posted a link to John Gruber’s praise for Rene Ritchie, blogger and podcast editor of all things tech. Ritchie is currently working on how to get rid of “bad ads:” ads that are powered by ad exchanges that pollute webpages, especially on mobile platforms, with intrusive ads.

Both Gruber’s and Ritchie’s words come from the same sense of bottomless ad-tech desolation we had just a few months ago. It was a hopelessness spurred by the proliferation of creepy retargeted ads, of startling expandables that jump out and block the content you’re reading, and the sad loss of publisher integrity as the value of ad space on their page was driven down.

A black hole.  Or an ad-exchange, either one really.

A black hole. Or an ad-exchange, either one really.

Online advertising should never have started down its slippery slope. That’s why we have built our platform from the ground up, free of any pre-existing algorithms and murky practices, to clarify and simply online advertising. The outdoors gives us clarity and inspiration. We’re putting that right back into the work we’re doing and reforming ad tech in the process.

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