Bottom-Up Bidding: New Approaches to Online Advertising

From new ways to hike up a mountain to the best boots to do it in, the answer often lies online. We draw inspiration for new adventures from the people around us and quickly turn to the web for deeper insight. More often than not, the conversation turns to gear. The brand that powers a customer through their first journey becomes their go-to label. This is moment sparks lifelong loyalty.

It’s all contingent on your brand being in the right place at the right time. New and veteran cyclists alike will look up their options online. They both trust that an item that appears on a reputable website is one worth their money. Through Bottom Up Bidding, Cliques makes sure your ad is where it should be.

Bottom-Up Bidding ads to the most appropriate publisher’s webpage within that category, or “clique”. Advertisements on a webpage match up to the actually content of the site. If an ad impression opens up on a road cycling-specific website, Cliques matches an advertisement from brand known for its road-specific products that space.

Consumers are not only significantly more likely to click on the ad, but also to buy the advertised product. We’re making it easy for advertisers to see where their ads land and how successful they are, and for publishers to see a full report of ads running on their site. Efficiency through simplicity—that’s sound advertising.



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