Five Reasons Why Cliques is Different

1. Cliques is current adtech evolved for a better experience.

Ben Liang has seen it all when it comes to online advertising. Before founding Cliques, he muddled though the inner workings of major ad-exchange and data supply chains. Ben entered the industry because real-time bidding was the exciting future of digital marketing. He expected to find inspiration and excitement in the field. Instead, he encountered distressingly complex and opaque systems that catered to advertisers with unlimited budgets. There was also curiously little chance at skiing, biking or outdoor culture.

2. Cliques uses proven tools without adopting current challenges.

Since Ben entered the business, RTB-enabled ad exchanges have evolved into massive clearinghouses for the internet’s unwanted inventory. Advertisers now see it as dauntingly complex, and publishers discount it as spam-laden and non-lucrative. Real-time bidding has not lived up to its expectations because the content has been too varied and the publishers have been too unrelated.

3. Cliques started from scratch.

Outdoor advertisers and publishers have found little financial success in current ad exchanges. At Cliques, the entire system is rebuilt with a singular focus: ad-server, buying platform, exchange, and selling platform, all in one. The goal? To provide access to the best content for each type of outdoor business.

Cliques Tree Graphic

Bottom up bidding. The “cliques” of outdoor culture.

4. Cliques is born from more than adtech insiders: It’s inspired by proven outdoor marketing.

A knowledge of the inner-workings of the ad industry is paired with Press Forward,  an outdoor marketing consultancy founded by Andrew Gardner. The Cliques platform is the result of combined expertise: outdoor brands get outdoor focused ad work.

5. At Cliques, we love outdoor culture and want to help it grow and succeed.

We love publications. Cliques was founded to celebrate and encourage outdoor culture, not dilute it. Publishers get paid a reasonable amount. Advertisers get exposure commensurate with their ad spend. The viewer gets relevant content and the experience is more productive.


Cliques founder & CEO, Ben Liang, pictured not writing code.




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