Designing Your Creative

As complex as the technology behind digital advertising is, it all comes down to this: do you have a good ad? Here are a few tips and pointers to make sure you’re on your way to designing a great creative.   Lots of white space. Most impression spaces are compact.…

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Advertising Online To Help Offline Sales


Here’s one we get a lot: “I don’t want to advertise online because it might hurt my dealers’ sales.” The thing is, digital advertising can support both you and your dealers in lots of cool ways. Here are some of them:   Increase brand awareness. The more people see your…

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What We Learned At OR Summer 2015

image1 copy

Everyone has “a guy.” As it would turn out, advertising is pawned off to offshore locations. So, tell your guy that you’d like to try out Cliques. Spread the word. The corporate monster is real. It’s a lot easier to talk to the other “little guys.” But remember, everyone was…

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Musings from Outdoor Retailer: Conversations

Last week’s Outdoor Retailer Show was quite memorable for the Cliques team. It involved great conversations with countless people, and also one with an adtech-savvy llama who asked us a couple of questions. Here are some snippets: Q: So, what do you do? A: Cliques connects publishers and advertisers in…

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Climbing Out of the Black Hole

A black hole.  Or an ad-exchange, either one really.

“They should never have started with these black box ad exchanges in the first place, but now, years down the road, they find themselves dependent on the revenue from them, with no obvious replacement in sight.”             -John Gruber, Daring Fireball Recently we posted a…

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Five Reasons Why Cliques is Different


1. Cliques is current adtech evolved for a better experience. Ben Liang has seen it all when it comes to online advertising. Before founding Cliques, he muddled though the inner workings of major ad-exchange and data supply chains. Ben entered the industry because real-time bidding was the exciting future of…

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